Course Description

The course is divided into 4 Sessions, each with its own workbook with exercises for you to complete on your own.  Completing the exercises is not mandatory, but without working through them you will simply gain a superficial understanding of retirement and how it affects you.

Retirement Coach


I bring to the table first-hand experience of negotiating the transition to retirement myself.  I started my career as an occupational therapist and then moved sideways to start a couple of businesses of my own after I had completed my MBA.Author of "7 Questions to answer before you turn 65 - a Resource book for Retirement planning in South Africa"

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Understanding the phases of retirement

    • Understanding your adjustment to change

    • Workbook for Session ONE

    • Video 1

    • Video 2

    • Video 3

    • Video 4

  • 2

    Belief and Values influence our expectations

    • Beliefs and Values and how they influence our expectations

    • Workbook for Session TWO

    • Video 5

    • Video 6

    • Video 7

  • 3

    Restoring the balance in your life

    • Looking at ways in which you can restore the balance that work gave your life

    • Workbook for Session THREE

    • Video 8

    • Human Needs

  • 4

    Finding your purpose

    • In English we call it Purpose - the Japanese call it Ikigai - your reason for living

    • Workbook for Session FOUR

    • Video 9

    • Finding your IKIGAI

    • Test yourself at the end of Session FOUR

    • Closing video

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